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 I worked as a Team Manager between 2014-2017. The skills I gained during this 3-year period are Designing and Implementing Systems, Assessing Resources to Meet Organizational Needs, Automating Tasks, Data Analysis, Crisis Management, Problem-solving, Adaptability, Collaboration, Time Management, and Multitasking.

 Between 2017-2021 I became interested in the field of justice and got good grades in university exams and earned law school. Due to the coronavirus, I took a break from my education.

 At the end of 2021, I decided to enter the field of information technologies, which I have been interested in since my childhood and where merit is at the forefront, where knowledge and skills find the value they deserve.

  In November 2022, I graduated from the US-based Clarusway educational institution, which is a pioneer in the IT sector, as Data Scientist. The skills I gained during the course are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis, Tableau, Python, SQL, Git/GitHub, HTML, CSS, Agile Methodology, Teamwork, Collaboration, Problem-solving, and Critical Thinking.

 I am currently working as a Data Analyst at Woongjin Eversky and I am studying for a master's degree in Big Data and Business Analytics at Istanbul Technical University. I love reading books, doing sports, learning new things every day, seeing natural beauties, and helping people.

Fırat Olçum

Data Analyst

  • Birthday: 8 Oct 1991
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  • City: Istanbul,Turkey
  • Age: 33
  • Degree: Master's Degree
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Machine Learning / Deep Learning70%
Python 70%
SQL 70%
Probability / Statistics70%
Tableau 70%
Git / Github 70%
Cloud Computing70%
Microsoft Excel70%
SDLC / DevOps70%
Agile / Jira70%



Fırat Olçum

A certified Data Analyst and Project Manager with 3+ years of experience in IT. Strong track record of computational skills, data analysis, data manipulation, data visualization, predictive modeling, statistical analysis, machine learning, and business intelligence. Performed data extraction and analysis with Python libraries like BeautifulSoup, NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, SciPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly. Experienced in SQL, Database Modeling, Database Management System (DBMS), and Tableau. Able to translate results into understandable terms for the success of the organization and business decisions. Developed the Basic Performance Indicators to monitor the physical performance of the personnel and increased their performance by 41% in 2 months by analyzing their physical characteristics. Looking for a data analyst position which can continue to grow.
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Mining Data

Just as miners sift through soil and rock to find gold and other useful minerals, I can sort through the "mountains" of pure data in the hopes of uncovering useful information.

Cleaning Data

Not all data offers readily reliable information. Before I can conduct meaningful analysis, I need to clean your data. During this process, I strive to correct data marred by spelling or syntax errors, bring in information from a different or previous model, and correct duplicated or missing information.

Locating Trends and Patterns in Datasets

Once I mine and clean information, I use it to identify potentially useful consumer trends and patterns.

Generating Data Reports

Clear and accurate data reporting is an essential part of the data science profession. Data reporting can identify critical questions and pinpoint important items of concern.

Visualizing Data

I can make interactive dashboards using PowerBI and Tableau so that you can better understand the data.

Creating or Maintaining Databases

I have an understanding of the principles that underlie database management. I am able to understand the information I receive, identify issues and problems, and make previously unnoted connections.


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Data Analysis With SQL-Fırat Olçum
Statistics Basics-Fırat Olçum
Data Visualization With Tableau
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Machine Learning Deployment-Fırat Olçum
Deep Learning-Fırat Olçum
Natural Language Processing-Fırat Olçum
Programming For Everybody-Fırat Olçum
Python Data Structures
Using Python To Access Web Data-Fırat Olçum
Using Databases With Python-Fırat Olçum
Capstone Retrieving Processing And Visualizing Data With Python- Fırat Olçum
Introduction To Data Analytics-Fırat Olçum
Excel Basics For Data Analysis-Fırat Olçum
DataVisualization And Dashboards With Excel And Cognos-Fırat Olçum
Python For DataScience AI And Development-Fırat Olçum
Python Projects For Data Science-Fırat Olçum
Databases And SQL For Data Science With Python-Fırat Olçum
Data Analysis With Python-Fırat Olçum
Data Visualization With Python-Fırat Olçum
IBM Data Analyst Capstone Project-Fırat Olçum
Agile With Atlassian Jira-Fırat Olçum
What is Data Science-Fırat Olçum
Data Science Methodology-Fırat Olçum
Tools for Data Science-Fırat Olçum
Machine Learning With Python
Machine Learning With Python
Python3 Course Codecademy-Fırat Olçum
SQL Codecademy-Fırat Olçum
Learn The Command Line Codecademy-Fırat Olçum
Learn Git&Github Codecademy-Fırat Olçum
Analyze Data with SQL Skill Path-Fırat Olçum
Learn Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup-Fırat Olçum
How to Clean Data with Python Course-Fırat Olçum
How to Clean Data with Python Course-Fırat Olçum
Learn Microsoft Excel For Data Analysis Course-Fırat Olçum
Learn Tableau For Data Visualization Course-Fırat Olçum
Principles of Data Literacy Course-Fırat Olçum
Learn Intermediate SQL for Marketer and Product Managers Course-Fırat Olçum
SQL Server Fundamentals Track-Fırat Olçum
Data Analysis in Excel-Fırat Olçum
Uygulamalarla SQL Öğreniyorum-Fırat Olçum
Alıştırmalarla SQL Öğreniyorum - Fırat Olçum
Uçtan Uca SQL Server Eğitimi-Fırat Olçum
Data Analytics Certificate-Fırat Olçum
Data Analytics Certificate-Fırat Olçum
Data Analytics Certificate-Fırat Olçum
IBM Data Analyst-Fırat Olçum
Data Scientist Analytics Specialist Career Path-Fırat Olçum
Python For Everybody-Fırat Olçum
Python For Everybody-Fırat Olçum
English Advanced Certificate-Fırat Olçum
Winning Space With Data Science-Fırat Olçum
IBM Data Analyst Capstone Project-Fırat Olçum
Marketing Attribution SQL and Python Project-Fırat Olçum
Funnel Usage SQL and Excel Project-Fırat Olçum
User Churn SQL Data Analysis-Fırat Olçum
Web Scraping and DataAnalysis Project-Fırat Olçum
AutoScout Car Price Prediction EDA-Fırat Olçum
Analysis of US Citizens by Income Levels-Fırat Olçum
Bike Share Usage Analysis-Fırat Olçum
Global Covid 19 Tracker-Fırat Olçum
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Gdp Dept America-Fırat Olçum
E-Commerce Data Profitability Analysis-Fırat Olçum



Acıbadem, Kadıköy, İstanbul


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